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A TERRIFYING, SHOCKING, and MULTI-FACETED one-woman play about society's most overlooked.

Come interact in the round.... If you're brave enough!

 308 W 46th St, New York, NY 10036

In Off-Broadway’s one-woman show THE CREEPS, Catherine Waller's performance leads you on a unique theatrical experience "you won't soon forget" (Theatermania). 

Enter the world of THE CREEPS where “Waller is a magnetic presence and a brilliant purveyor of wildly divergent characters” (Blogcritics), and engage with disconcerting but surprisingly humanistic and humorous characters. “THE CREEPS is a beguiling exploration of the dark side, which is too often dangerously near the marginalized and the forgotten” (This Week In New York). Waller's characters pull you into an unexpected, emotional roller-coaster, as they interact with the audience and delve into unsettling aspects of human existence.


Charles Isherwood

Are you brave enough?

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